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My goal; securing my retirement.

We can provide you with a personalised retirement plan.

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Helping you achieve your financial goal

When you retire you want to feel confident you have the means to live well and enjoy yourself. However, with governments and employers putting the onus of retirement planning on the individual, combined with improved life-expectancy requiring a larger retirement pot, we appreciate financially preparing for retirement can feel overwhelming.  

We can help.  

Hear from Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn, one of our expert Private Wealth Managers, explaining how we would develop a financial roadmap to retirement in response to a typical scenario we’re experienced in managing.

*Because we take our clients’ privacy seriously, we do not use real client information to showcase our work. This is an example of a typical scenario we are experienced in managing.

Our approach

We listen.

We listen to understand your retirement aspirations, financial obligations, savings, investments and assets.

We provide a financial forecast for retirement.

After careful assessment, we forecast your income and anticipated expenses for the duration of your retirement.

We provide you with a personalised retirement roadmap.

We create a personalised retirement roadmap that sets out manageable savings and investment goals.

We help grow and manage your wealth.

We support you on your road to retirement, helping grow your wealth or by managing pre-existing wealth, engaging your assets so they are working to support you.

We monitor and adapt.

In partnership with you, we monitor your savings and investments, adjusting our strategies accordingly to keep you on track.

Let us help you secure your retirement

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Benefits of working with us

We are free to source the best opportunities.

As a wholly independent and privately owned company, we are not tethered or restricted to offering niche financial solutions. We are free to explore the market in its entirety to seek the very best opportunities for you.

We are experts in international retirement planning.

If you are an expat or have worked abroad, you may have pre-existing pensions or hold assets internationally. We can consolidate existing pensions and help manage international assets, while navigating and mitigating likely tax and legal complications.

We offer specialist solutions.

If you have multiple pensions with several previous employers, hold existing investments and assets or have specific investment strategies, we have a range of specialist solutions available.

We mitigate shortfalls.

We build in ‘rainy-day’ contingencies, offering you a financial plan that lasts until your 100th birthday. We can also offer guidance on health insurance and legacy planning, preserving your wealth so you can pass it on to your loved ones.

Let us help grow your wealth

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