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We know you want to ensure your loved ones are always provided for and protected. So if you have financial dependents and reside or work abroad, whether as an expat, digital nomad or frequent traveler, international life insurance is essential. Unlike normal life insurance, it guarantees a payout no matter where you might be in the world.  

However, navigating the international life insurance market to find a policy that truly meets your needs can be challenging.

We can help.  

Hear from Jake Mowson, one of our expert Private Wealth Managers, explaining how we would source personal protection plans in response to a typical scenario we’re experienced in managing.

Because we take our clients’ privacy seriously, we do not use real client information to showcase our work. This is an example of a typical scenario we are experienced in managing.

Our approach

We listen.

We would listen to understand your individual circumstances and coverage requirements.

We identify the right type of coverage.

There are two main types of coverage; ‘term’ and ‘whole’ life insurance. We would work with you to identify which type best suits you.

We tailor policies to you.

We specialise in sourcing and arranging well-structured international health insurance policies. Exploring the market and negotiating on your behalf, we secure policies that fit your exact personal and budgetary requirements.

We provide peace of mind.

Should the worst happen, we ensure you have a policy that covers anything and everything, from your mortgage to your children’s education.

Let us help ensure your loved ones are provided for and protected

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Benefits of working with us

We safeguard against claim complexities.

As a wholly independent and privately owned company, we are not tethered or restricted to offering niche financial solutions. We are free to explore the market in its entirety to seek the very best opportunities for you.

We source critical illness cover.

We continue to actively engage the market for new and innovative investment opportunities, bringing forward fresh ideas to keep your portfolio aligned with market trends.

We are free to source the best policies.

Our strategy is to diversify your portfolio across various assets classes, sectors and geographies that yield long-term returns responsibly. We ensure safety by investing in secure jurisdictions and stable currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and JPY. 

We work in partnership with you.

If you’re an expat or hold assets
internationally, we can help navigate and mitigate legal and tax complexities.

Let us help grow your wealth

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have pre-existing conditions, will it affect my cover?
Other than my medical history, are there other underwriting considerations that may affect my cover?
Can I take out a joint policy with my spouse?
Can I make changes to my policy?
What if I move to another country permanently?
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