Planning For Education In International Or Ivy League University

Education Planning

There is no greater gift than that of a sound education. High quality education allows young adults to transition into their careers with ease, and live a life defined by choice.

While higher education was previously the reserve for the elite in prior generations, many parents now agree that  quality higher education is a powerful ingredient for success in the society and workforce of the future.

University education provides understanding, knowledge, and a powerful foundation for life. In the global era, it is also increasingly a requirement to secure the visas required for expatriate careers, and to advance in global companies.

While the value of education remains the same, the cost of education is rising.

Universities are increasing tuition fees annually, and the general cost of living, along with student accommodation is rising in line with inflation. This is particularly impactful in global cities such as London, New York, and Melbourne.

For example, in the United Kingdom, home students currently have annual university fees of £9,250. For students which do not qualify for home status, fees start at £10,000 and can even exceed £50,000 depending on the course and length of study.

There are an abundance of courses and institutions from which to choose. Rather than this decision being limited by financial resources, we believe it should be driven by personal preference and academic ambition.

Melbourne Capital Group is here to help you map this journey from start to finish. By understanding your goals and total costs of education, we eliminate the stress of the entire process by structuring a fitting plan.

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