Education Planning

My goal; having the means to offer my children a first-rate education

We can develop a financial strategy to cover your children’s education

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Helping you achieve your financial goals

We know you want to be able to offer your children a first-rate education but appreciate it can be a financially daunting proposition, given rising tuition fees and escalating living and accommodation costs.

We can help. 

How we can help

We listen.

We listen to understand your individual circumstances and educational aspirations for your children.

We create an accurate estimate.

Our estimates will take into consideration your circumstances, aspirations, inflation, likely fee increases, as well as increases to the cost of living and currency adjustments should your child wish to study abroad.

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We develop a savings roadmap.

With a target figure in place, we develop a manageable and achievable savings roadmap with you.

We seek to grow your money.

We capitalise on our deep knowledge of financial markets and proven expertise investment handling to develop an investment strategy to help grow your money.

We monitor and adapt.

In partnership with you, we monitor your savings and investments, adjusting our strategies accordingly to keep you on track.

Let us help you offer your children a first-class education

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Benefits of working with us

We are free to source the best opportunities.

As a wholly independent and privately owned company, we are not tethered or restricted to offering niche financial solutions. We are free to explore the market in its entirety to seek the very best opportunities for you.

We mitigate shortfalls.

We know circumstances can change, so we build ‘rainy-day’ contingencies into our plans, helping to ensure your children’s education pot isn’t compromised.

We have expertise developing financial strategies to cover an international education.

There may be additional costs and complexities if you want to offer your children the opportunity to study abroad or attend an international school. We can help develop a robust financial plan to navigate these.

We protect your child’s future.

As a part of our service, we can source insurance to cover your children’s education.

Let us help grow your wealth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is education planning and why is it important?
When should I start saving for my child’s education?
How much does education cost at international/private schools and universities and how much would I need to save/invest for my child’s education fund?
How does my location affect my education saving options?
What happens to my child’s education fund when I move to a different country?
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