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We can help develop an all-encompassing estate plan and international will

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Helping you achieve your financial goals

When you have spent a lifetime building a business or growing your assets, we understand you want their transition to your loved ones to be managed properly.

However, developing an all-encompassing estate plan and an international will can feel like a daunting task.

We can help. 

Hear from Thomas Murray, one of our expert Private Wealth Managers, explaining how we would develop an all-encompassing estate plan in response to a typical scenario we are experienced in managing.

Because we take our clients’ privacy seriously, we do not use real client information to showcase our work. This is an example of a typical scenario we are experienced in managing.

How we can help

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We listen.

We listen to build a complete picture of your individual circumstances, wealth and beneficiaries.

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We identify complexities.

If you hold assets internationally, are an expat or have lived abroad, there are likely to be complexities when it comes to estate planning. As specialists, we work to identify and mitigate these.

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We harness relevant expertise.

We put together a team of banking, legal and accounting experts that we work in partnership with to develop an all-encompassing international estate plan.

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We help protect your assets and preserve wealth.

We offer guidance on multi-generational financial solutions to protect for your assets and preserve your wealth, allowing you to pass it on to your loved ones.

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We provide you with an all-encompassing estate plan.

We work alongside other specialists to provide you with an all-encompassing estate plan and international will.

Let us help secure your legacy

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Benefits of working with us

We protect against complex legal issues.

By helping you get a properly drawn up international will, we make sure you are protected against complex legal issues that can arise if assets are owned internationally or if you wish to make international bequeathments.

We can facilitate philanthropic bequeathments.

If you want to leave some or all of your estate to charity or set up a scholarship programme or foundation, we can help make the appropriate arrangements.

We can establish trusts.

Trusts can be a good supplement to a will as they allow you to be specific in how you want your wealth distributed, they are also private, generally avoid probate and may be more tax efficient. We can help you decide whether a trust is right for you and establish one accordingly.

We specialise in international estate planning and will writing.

If you hold assets in different jurisdictions there may be various tax and legal complications, we specialise in negotiating and mitigating these, to ensure a smooth transition of assets to your beneficiaries.

Let us help grow your wealth

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