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Private Investments

Melbourne Capital Group’s speciality is investing money responsibly, at the appropriate level of risk, and with the greatest possible positive results for our clients.

Our team has a deep knowledge of financial markets, from their experiences in executing investments on behalf of private and institutional clients. Our leadership team have extensive career history at the executive level in derivatives and securities brokerage, asset management, insurance, and financial planning.

Correct Analysis of Risk

We use a market-leading independent risk profile tool, developed by Oxford Risk. The Oxford Risk questionnaire is designed to predict with a high degree of certainty (95%) the level of risk that an investor is willing to take when investing their money. With a clear understanding of each client’s attitude to risk, we are able to structure a portfolio which provides security and confidence throughout the investment process

Long Term Approach

It is not our aim to generate the highest possible return in the short-term. We look toward a long-term return which gives consideration to risk, in addition to each client’s unique financial goals.

Private Investment Malaysia

Achieve Impact and Deliver Results

We achieve impact by creating a portfolio which harmonises client profitability with our commitment to social development, sustainability and the environment. Ultimately, it is our aim to integrate a correct analysis of risk, long term vision, and investment impact, to deliver results to our clients which meet all of their requirements.  

For clients which have investment requirements that are more complex, hold existing investments, or have a preference for specific investment strategies, we have a range of specialist solutions available.

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