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We can develop a tailored investment portfolio.

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How we can help

We know developing an investment portfolio that balances risk and reward while being aligned with your values and financial objectives can pose a challenge.

We can help.

Hear from Michael Garcia, one of our expert Private Wealth Managers, explaining our investment solution in response to a typical scenario we’re experienced in managing.

Because we take our clients’ privacy seriously, we do not use real client information to showcase our work. This is an example of a typical scenario we are experienced in managing.

How we would help you

We listen.

We would begin by listening to understand your individual circumstances and your investment goals. 

We accurately gauge your appetite for risk.

We would use a market-leading, independent risk analysis tool to accurately gauge your appetite for risk.

Jake Mowson and Tom Henson having a discussion at Melbourne Capital Group

We present a range of investment options.

We would develop a proposed portfolio with a range of investment options that reflect your circumstances, requirements, appetite for risk and values.

We review your proposed portfolio in partnership with you.

All investments come with associated risks. As a part of our review process, we would seek to make those risks clear.

We provide you with your tailored portfolio.

Once you have made your selections, we would allocate funds accordingly, providing you with a tailored portfolio. 

We monitor and adapt.

We would work in partnership with you to monitor your investments, with a view to adjusting our strategy when new opportunities arise. 

Let us help grow your wealth

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Benefits of working with us

We are free to source the best opportunities.

As a wholly independent and privately owned company, we are not tethered or restricted to offering niche financial solutions. We are free to explore the market in its entirety to seek the very best opportunities for you.

We are proactive.

We continue to actively engage the market for new and innovative investment opportunities, bringing forward fresh ideas to keep your portfolio aligned with market trends.

We have a philanthropic outlook.

We integrate ESG criteria and risk considerations into our financial strategies as standard practice. We also actively seek to create portfolios that harmonise profitability with our commitment to social development, sustainability and the environment. 

We are responsible.

We seek opportunities that yield long-term returns, adequately diversifying your portfolio by spreading investments across asset classes, sectors and geographies. We safeguard your wealth by structuring it in secure jurisdictions and in strong currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and JPY.

We are experts in international wealth management.

If you are an expat or hold assets
internationally, we can help navigate and mitigate legal and tax complexities.

Let us help grow your wealth

Speak to our Private Wealth Managers

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