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Family Office

The increasing amount of wealth held by families across the globe creates a strong need for private wealth management. Today, private equity capital and venture capital are exceeded in size by private family capital.

Family offices are often established to facilitate the seamless intergenerational transfer of wealth, a distinction between a family's wealth and their business, and importantly privacy and confidentiality.

Melbourne Capital Group provides high quality expertise for Single Family Office, Multi Family Office, and Embedded Family Office structures. Often there is a correlation between the amount of wealth requiring structuring and management, and the scope and complexity of services required. Our family office services primarily fall under these categories:

  • Strategic services, such as governance, education and succession planning
  • Technology and Privacy, including platforms, controls, and continuity of business
  • Tax strategy and planning
  • Wealth management and planning
  • Risk management and protection
  • Operations and administration
  • Visas and Citizenship services

We have a global network of professionals and specialists that we collaborate with to ensure our clients experience a seamless and comprehensive family office experience. We offer access to our partners who are leaders in their respective fields globally, including the most favourable jurisdictions for family office operations.

Most importantly, we offer this service with flexibility, privacy and the upmost discretion to ensure we wholly prioritise the needs of our family office clients.

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