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With over a decade of service in the Royal Navy, I've honed my skills in anti-piracy operations during my 11 years of dedicated service. Specialising in safeguarding maritime routes, I spent six years conducting patrols in challenging regions such as Somalia, the Bebel Mendez Straits, and the Suez Canal. My contributions aboard the HMS Westminster and collaborative efforts with the Senegalese Navy were instrumental in maintaining security in these critical areas. Additionally, I proudly participated in the evacuation of British citizens from Libya while serving on the HMS Cumberland.

Transitioning from naval operations to financial advisory, I found my niche in the mortgage brokerage industry, leveraging my extensive knowledge of the UK housing sector to provide expert guidance on residential and buy-to-let properties. My experience as a mortgage broker equipped me with a deep understanding of market trends and client needs.

Building on this foundation, I pursued further education through the London Institute of Banking and Finance, earning my DipFA qualification and attaining Level 4 status as a qualified financial advisor. Working under the regulatory oversight of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), I've developed a comprehensive approach to financial planning, specialising in investments, pensions, and retirement strategies.

My expertise extends beyond conventional financial planning; I possess a nuanced understanding of the markets and economic factors that impact investment decisions. This insight allows me to provide clients with informed advice tailored to their unique circumstances and long-term goals.

Looking ahead, I am eager to expand my reach globally, bringing my UK regulated approach of financial planning to clients worldwide while optimising tax benefits for those working overseas. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am dedicated to supporting fellow veterans through charitable initiatives and enjoy staying active through fitness pursuits and exploring new destinations through travel.

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