April 25, 2024

What Makes Kuala Lumpur Such a Great City for Expats?

What Makes Kuala Lumpur Such a Great City for Expats?

        Malaysians are celebrating their home country’s independence on 31 August, but according to recent statistics and trends, the locals are not the only ones who enjoy living here. Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur has in recent years established itself as one of the best places in the world for expats to call their new home.

        There is a lot to love about this great cosmopolitan city, and people are coming from all over the globe to enjoy the many advantages of living here. When asked why they love living here so much, expats in Kuala Lumpur are most likely to mention the following characteristics.

Plentiful High Paying Jobs

        During the past several years, Kuala Lumpur has established itself as one of the premier business and financial hubs not just in Asia, but the entire world.Expats come here and are able to find plentiful opportunities and jobs which highlight their skills and provide a great income.

        Many skilled workers find jobs in business and finance in the city. But the influx of English speakers has provided opportunities for other types of workers as well. Service and healthcare jobs needed to cater to the expats working in finance are plentiful and relatively lucrative as well. Everyone from entry-level workers to teachers and doctors have come to the city to find work and enjoy the city.

Easy to Navigate Without Knowing the Local Language

        Making it easy to hire expats in all sectors or the economy has been an advantage to everyone by making it easy to live and work here without speaking the nativeMalay language. Not only that, but English has been commonly taught as a second language in schools for many years, adding to Malaysia’s rich linguistic diversity.

Location and Ease of Transportation

        Getting in and out of the city by air is amazingly easy. The airport serving the city has dozens of direct flights to major cities throughout Asia, Australia and beyond. There are even direct flights to cities as far away as London, making travel easy and convenient for expats.

Affordability and Quality of Life

        Compared to the other major cities popular with expats in Asia, Kuala Lumpur is both affordable and attractive. High quality housing is available at a reasonable price. As housing got expensive in places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, many started looking elsewhere to live and work. In addition to affordable housing, expats enjoy a thriving nightlife, many cultural amenities and beautiful scenery and outdoor activities.

        Kuala Lumpur truly is one of the great cities in the world, and right behind it isBangkok for similar reasons. Both cities are thriving business hubs, and we cater to providing the many expatriates in Malaysia and Thailand with personalised services to keep their affairs in order. Tax and estate laws can be a little different throughout Asia, and many find it helpful to have an expert in their corner. If you are living in one of these cities, we would love to meet you and see if we can be a resource for you.

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