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Offshore Technology Conference - Kuala Lumpur 2022

Offshore Technology Conference - Kuala Lumpur 2022

KUALA LUMPUR March 28, 2022 – Melbourne Capital Group’s Private Wealth Team recently attended the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) last week in Kuala Lumpur. The OTC was founded in 1969, and organises events for the development of offshore resources in regard to technology, energy production, and environmental production.

“The exhibition was exceptionally well organised and had strong attendance. Sustainability and the future of the commodities and energy industries were at the forefront of the discussion, and it was excellent to see the progress being taken by the industry as a whole in the implementation of more sustainable and efficient technologies” said Mark Owens, Head of Private Wealth at Melbourne Capital Group.  

Several members of the private wealth team shared their experiences at the OTC conference, which are summarised below.

Jake Mowson and Sam Marsden of Melbourne Capital Group, OTC KL 2022

Jake Mowson, Private Wealth Manager

Initially I was planning to visit the conference to meet with a client who was attending, however after discussion I realised a number of other clients in the offshore industry were also going, making it a great opportunity to catch up. Aside from seeing my clients, I ended up staying for the whole afternoon as there were a range of interesting speakers and innovative companies to network with.  

We offer a broad range of financial services, and attendees were quite interested in learning more about our specialised offerings. In addition to private wealth management services, we also provide specialised risk solutions for commercial and unconventional risk, as well as comprehensive personal insurance items such as kidnap insurance and life insurance for people working in “high-risk” industries such as the offshore sector.  

There were a lot of large industry players present, as well as a number of smaller companies establishing themselves in the industry. The event was really successful, and I was surprised to learn that this year only about 20% of the usual numbers were attending. I’ll certainly be joining for the next OTC Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur.    

Sam Marsden, Private Wealth Specialist

The Offshore Technology Conference afforded me a fantastic opportunity to network with industry leaders in the oil and gas sector. Representing an international financial institution, there were a lot of common areas of discussion with other multinational firms.  

It was truly insightful to gain a more intimate understanding of the needs of the offshore industry, on both an institutional and personal level. I am confident that Melbourne Capital Group has an immense value proposition and I look forward to attending OTC Asia in the future.  

Michael Garcia of Melbourne Capital Group, OTC KL 2022

Michael Garcia, Private Wealth Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Americans who are living in Southeast Asia. I explained to them how I work with American expatriates and use US compliant solutions that were designed specifically for Americans living abroad. This was something that they had never heard of before despite many years living overseas, and I'm looking forward to speaking with them about this in more detail over the coming days.

It was insightful to learn about peoples genuine need for insurance that numerous people spoke to me about, and gaining a new perspective on the experience of companies in the oil and gas sector. I found that insuring vessels and equipment on an international level was a major area of interest at this conference.  

In summary, it was a great week at the Offshore Technology Conference for Melbourne Capital Group. We engaged with a wide range of counterparts across the oil and gas industry, which empowered us to develop our commercial and personal relationships, and plan some exciting projects off the back of this event. We certainly plan to attend the next OTC in Kuala Lumpur, which is slated for 2024.

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