May 30, 2024

Melbourne Capital Group Sponsors Malaysian MMA Champion in One FC

Melbourne Capital Group Sponsors Malaysian MMA Champion in One FC

Melbourne Capital Group are thrilled to welcome Elite Mixed-Martial artist and One FC welterweight World Title Challenger, Agilan Thani.  Agilan is arguably one of Malaysia’s all time most dedicated and successful athletes, having progressed undefeated through his entire amateur career, leading to a title shot against UFC veteran Ben Askren.

Prior to travel restrictions coming into effect during the Covid-19 crisis, Agilan regularly travelled to the United States to sharpen his skills with Quest - the world famous mixed martial arts team. He currently trains and coaches at the BluePrint Martial Arts Gym in Kuala Lumpur.  

Agilan has an inspiring personal story which started with him struggling with obesity as a child and transitioning into studying martial arts. His early motivation was driven by the desire to lose weight, and to be able to defend himself from bullies.

Through utter perseverance and hard work, Agilan transformed his physique in less than 12 and then set his mind to developing his skills. He transitioned into being an elite athlete representing his country at the top level, which he has been successfully doing now for over 5 years.

Agilan sets an outstanding example to all young people, especially those who struggle against adversity. He is the embodiment of the values we hold close at Melbourne Capital Group - hard work, dedication, expertise and focus, all of which have been core to Agilans success.

Optimal health and fitness is an important area of our lives, which we believe is an important aspect of a long-term outlook on life. We are proud to support Agilan, and look forward to the future of our partnership with excitement.

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