May 24, 2023

Melbourne Capital Group (MCG) upgraded Online Wealth Portal to offer more Benefits

Melbourne Capital Group (MCG) upgraded Online Wealth Portal to offer more Benefits

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Melbourne Capital Group (MCG), a leading Private Wealth management firm in the Asia-Pacific region, has upgraded their bespoke online Wealth Portal to offer additional convenience and benefits to their financial product and service offering.

Designed to meet the fluid and evolving needs of the modern client (especially during the COVID-19 era), MCG's Wealth Portal has been intuitively expanded to provide more options and opportunities for its clients than ever before. Clients can now access over 90,000 global investment products, including Global Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, Hedge Funds, Fixed Income Securities, Real Estate, Thematic Investments, International Mortgages, and Commodities.

MCG's business model is highly user-centric; the Wealth Portal is no exception. Integration with leading Tier-1 financial service providers and an optimised user experience at its core means that clients can now easily access their investment portfolio through a single touchpoint. Coupled with MCG's expert on-hand guidance, clients can rest assured of comprehensive support across every wealth planning decision.

"We have always focused on elevating the client experience, and the Wealth Portal offers a superior service to most options in the market," said MCG Director Reuben van Dijk. "Delivering client's greater control and visibility over their wealth is a core priority, and our Private Wealth Managers are now better equipped to help clients meet financial goals."

The MCG Wealth Portal offers a convenient, streamlined experience for the user. Features include more robust reporting, accessibility to data and documentation, as well as up-to-date information on investments and markets.

"MCG has always adhered to a holistic, integrated, and comprehensive approach to the financial success of our clients," added van Dijk, "and the Wealth Portal is a modernised extension of that approach." The upgraded system provides additional transparency in the wealth management and decision-making process for both the company and its clients, further supporting MCG's commitment to delivering outcome-based solutions for clients. Consultation, communication, and collaboration between both parties have never been easier.

Data backed decisions are inherently better than those without. The upgraded portal allows MCG's Private Wealth Managers unique access to relevant, timely and accurate data to best assist clients in achieving their outcomes.

Melbourne Capital Group (MCG) is a leading wealth management firm which specialises in cross-border, comprehensive, transparent and independent wealth management. The Company's specialist team serve clients internationally, including corporations, institutions, and individuals. For more information about MCG, please visit or email

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