April 25, 2024

Melbourne Capital Group are partners of the Garden International School's THRIVE Internship Program

Melbourne Capital Group are partners of the Garden International School's THRIVE Internship Program

Melbourne Capital Group has an on-going partnership with Garden International School, having conducted multiple engagement programs with the school’ final year students. This year, we were invited to be partners of the school’s unique professional internship program, THRIVE. The THRIVE program is a distinctive initiative aimed at providing students with a four-week professional experience in their area of passion, usually connected to their intended undergraduate studies. This program enables students to acquire ‘real-world’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field, offering them a unique edge as they step into the competitive professional world.

Students who complete their AS level examinations can sign up for THRIVE internships, just before making decisions on their university courses. This timing is crucial as many students have reported that the extended internships significantly assist in affirming their intentions for University and provide clarity over future career aspirations. The program has witnessed growing participation over the past six years, with over 70 students from the Year 12 cohort opting for placements in more than 50 different organisations across Malaysia this year.

In the past year, Melbourne Capital Group has hosted several interns, as well as conducted in-office workshops with a wider group of final students. The workshops are designed to give students an insight on how a private wealth firm operates, from its sales, advisory and operations standpoint. We also put together exercises for students to understand fundamentals of personal finance aimed to engage with students and impart essential knowledge on managing finances effectively, a skill of paramount importance in today’s world. The interaction provided students with insights into financial planning, budgeting, and investment, preparing them for future financial challenges and opportunities.

Chris Crowe, Jake Mowson, Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn, and Sam Marsden were invited to Garden International School recently to present a recap as THRIVE partners. The involvement of Melbourne Capital Group in the THRIVE program has been instrumental in broadening the students’ perspectives on personal finance. The collaboration between Melbourne Capital Group and Garden International School exemplifies the positive outcomes achievable when the corporate sector engages with educational institutions to enhance learning experiences and prepare students for the future.

Melbourne Capital Group will continue our commitment to fostering education and empowering the youth. We look forward to more partnerships and opportunities to educate the communities in need on the importance of financing.

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