June 13, 2024

Matthew Green joins Melbourne Capital Group to Launch Global Citizenship and Residency Team

Matthew Green joins Melbourne Capital Group to Launch Global Citizenship and Residency Team

Melbourne Capital Group is excited to announce the appointment of Matthew Green as the Head of our newly established Global Citizenship and Residency by Investment team. With extensive experience in global investment strategies and residency planning, Matthew will lead this innovative division to provide unparalleled services to our clients seeking international mobility.

Enhancing Global Mobility Solutions

Matthew Green’s appointment signals an enhancement to MCG’s capabilities, enabling the firm to provide premier investment migration services. This initiative will leverage MCG’s extensive network and resources to facilitate seamless and effective pathways for clients seeking citizenship or residency through investment.

The new team will provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Residency by Investment Programs: Assisting clients in obtaining residency in desirable locations worldwide.
  • Citizenship by Investment: Helping clients secure citizenship in countries that offer such programs.

Matthew Green’s Expertise

Matthew Green brings over 20 years of experience in private client advice in the ASEAN region, with a specific focus on global investment and residency planning.

“I am excited to join Melbourne Capital Group at this pivotal time,” said Matthew Green. “I look forward to offering the highest level of service and expertise to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of global citizenship and residency programmes. Securing global residency through investment provides unparalleled access, enhanced mobility, and lifestyle benefits. It allows our clients to diversify assets, enjoy visa-free travel, and access world-class education and healthcare. Life is too short not to enjoy global access and travel, ensuring a brighter, more stable future for them and their families.”

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For more information contact Matthew Green at matthewgreen@melbournecapitalgroup.com

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