May 16, 2024

How much of your Estate is at risk of U.K. IHT when you are both UK-domiciled?

How much of your Estate is at risk of U.K. IHT when you are both UK-domiciled?

Barry and Joan are from the U.K. and have lived and worked in Malaysia for almost a decade. After Barry's death, Joan decides to move back to the U.K. to live in their family home. Does this situation feel familiar to you? If so, watch the video below to see how Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn, our Estate Planning Specialist breaks down a list of their existing assets amounting to £204,800 in U.K. inheritance tax.

The video above is a snippet of what to expect from our U.K. Inheritance Tax webinars. We provide multiple examples of how IHT affects UK-domiciled and non-domiciled individuals. We then go through strategic estate planning approaches on how we can help you reduce your tax liability. In the full webinar, we explain how we reduce the couple's tax lability from £204,800 to just £26,000.

Who is it applicable to?

  • British Expats: Individuals of British nationality who are currently living outside the United Kingdom. These expats might have assets in the U.K.
  • Non-Residents with U.K. Assets: This includes any individual who resides outside the U.K. but owns assets within the United Kingdom valued over £325,000. These assets could be in the form of real estate, investments, or any financial interests that would be considered part of their estate for U.K. IHT purposes.

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