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Football Legend Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne speaks at Melbourne Capital Group event in Kuala Lumpur raising RM 10,000 for Charity

Football Legend Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne speaks at Melbourne Capital Group event in Kuala Lumpur raising RM 10,000 for Charity

28 November 2022, KUALA LUMPUR. On the eve of the final Group B game between England and Wales, Melbourne Capital Group, in association with the Kuala Lumpur Rangers Supporters Club and TEG Media, were thrilled to bring former England legend Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne to Bar Roca in Kuala Lumpur. The intimate meet and greet was attended by almost 50 fans.

It was the first time that Gazza (as he is more commonly known) has travelled to Malaysia. Wholeheartedly embracing adventure in life, he has travelled extensively around the world, both during his career as a player, a coach, and as an ambassador for the English Football Association.    

(left to right; Mark Owens, Reuben van Dijk, Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne, Christopher Crowe, Jake Mowson, Luke White, and Kal Murray, at Bar Roca)

When planning the event, the opportunity to give back to the community became clear and a raffle of signed memorabilia was organised. “We are asking the community to join us in giving as we approach the Christmas season. Stepping Stones Living Centre provides safety, care, and accommodation for underprivileged children and senior citizens,” said Christopher Crowe, Director at Melbourne Capital Group. Proceeds of RM 10,200 from the event will be donated to the Stepping Stones orphanage in time for Christmas.  

“We believe in building stronger and more inclusive communities. That is why community engagement is such an important pillar of our social responsibility as an organisation” said Mark Owens, Head of Private Wealth at Melbourne Capital Group.

Everyone has a different perspective on what constitutes a legend in football, and when the term legend is used it is often met with skepticism. Gazza is one of the players of his generation who truly transcended their sport to become a legend, alongside names such as Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, and Pele. Accordingly, there was a great deal of community engagement.  

During the evening hosted by Bill Cooper, Commercial Director of TEG Media, and Bob Holmes, seasoned Football Pundit, Gazza shared the highlights of an illustrious life with many ups and downs. Delivered with superb energy and wit he recounted many of his football stories over the years, touching on experiences with Terry Venables, Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, and the late Walter Smith to name just a few.

Fans in attendance were supporters of Newcastle United, Everton, Tottenham, Rangers, Middlesborough, Boston United – and even a former player from Kettering Town named Sam Postlewaite. Sam played for Kettering Town when Gazza was their manager, in the later stage of his career. Sam said “Gazza said we could drive his sports car if we got man of the match.”. This epitomizes Gazza’s generous and giving nature.

(Left to right; Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne, Andrew Holmes, at Bar Roca)

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