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The global economy has become increasingly integrated, with greater numbers of expatriates working across the world. However, the legal system is both complex and slow to adapt. The central problem is that lawmakers and courts rarely take into consideration the legal systems and processes of other jurisdictions.

Planning for an all-encompassing estate solution is essential for any person wishing to avoid the complex legal problems that could arise. Ensuring that you have a legally compliant Will to protect your assets is a vital step in your wealth and life planning. A professionally written Will gives you stability in your estate, ensuring your loved ones are cared for, and prevents costly and difficult legal issues from arising.

If you wish to find out more about how a well prepared Will could benefit you, please contact our specialist Private Wealth Managers.

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Expert Guidance

To ensure that your affairs are taken care of with the highest possible grade of skill and care, we engage professional legal firms around the world, relevant to your needs. For instance if you were a British expatriate retiring in Bali (Indonesia), we would engage appropriate firms from the United Kingdom and Indonesia in preparing your Wills. These Wills need to be prepared in a unified manner, providing for your estate to be managed efficiently and without hindrance.

A common misconception with Wills is the belief only one is required to be written in one’s home country, and not in other countries in which one has assets/ liabilities or dependents. Certain countries don’t recognise a Will written under the law of another jurisdiction. This can create very lengthy, costly and frustrating delays for your loved ones before being able to settle the estate.

Other issues which can affect the effectiveness of a Will include:
- When was it last updated, and how can it be challenged?
- Has there been any change in relationships such as divorce or remarriage?
- Have new children been born since the Will was last prepared?
- Has inheritance tax been taken into consideration?

We can help you prepare a legally valid Will and take into account all of the relevant factors, making it as effective and well written as possible.

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